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about the institute:

We speak English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The Climate & Atmospheric Sciences Institute (CASI) is a multidisciplinary research group of researchers whose primary objective is to facilitate and promote the advancement of fundamental research in areas of Climate Dynamics, Climate Change and its effects on societal activities, and Environmental Sciences, with a strong emphasis on post graduate student (MSc and PhD) training through research.  CASI researchers and collaborators actively contribute to the training of future scientists through the sharing of their knowledge, experience and resources among researchers and institutions,  to facilitate the development of leading edge research in their areas of interest.

We have active collaborations with researchers in Canada, France, USA, Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Spain, Germany.

Some of our team members are members of the Climate and Environment program at StFX University and were associated with the Environmental Sciences Research Centre (2004-2011) and the NSERC CREATE Training Program in Climate Sciences (2010-2016).


Climate dynamics, Climate change, Natural Hazards,

Renewable energies (geothermal and wind power),

Ice dynamics, Climate Modeling (GCMs and MIC),

Land surface processes, Biogeochemical Processes,

Climate Change: Impacts, mitigation, Economic aspects

of future Climate Change.


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The Climate & Atmospheric Sciences Institute (CASI)

Physical Sciences Complex, St. Francis Xavier University

5009 Chapel Square,

P.O. Box 5000, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Canada , B2G 2W5

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